Daniel Joseph Casey



Designer, Observer, Creative Thinker.

Ever since I was a kid I've always been thinking creatively. Whether it was finding animal shapes in the clouds, drawing treasure maps with my grandparents, or finding outlets through things like photography, pottery, painting - anything really. I've managed to always find paths that lead me around this world in very different and interesting ways. Coming from a creative past (writing music, coming up with marketing concepts, designing team jerseys), I knew that I wanted to always be learning new ways to express myself. 

I have very deep roots in the relationships I have. The people that are in my life all influence me in everything I do, every day. I find inspiration through your typical channels (other designers, new technology, flipping through magazines, reading blogs, etc.), but my biggest inspiration is the world we live in, and how it's constantly evolving. If you look back ten years, the way we eat, communicate, socialize, and even travel is night and day from how it is today. The capabilities that certain technologies provide us are endless, and we can use design to support these evolving human behaviors. 

I'm very lucky, that in my day job I get to help solve these types of problems for people everyday. I have a passion for bringing truly great user experiences and design to every solution I build. I come from an extensive background in art history and design theory, and have over 10 years of UX/graphic/web design experience. After freelancing for several years after school, I was recruited by Jornata, where I helped develop and lead a thriving creative and UX design practice. Throughout the merger, I've worked with the BlueMetal design and marketing teams, bringing the two companies’ philosophies together, and defining a truly outstanding design process and delivery approach. Along with design, I forge strong relationships with those around me, dedicate myself to understanding my clients’ needs, and deliver impactful solutions.

Our world is driven by individuals, so it only makes sense to design around that very idea. What's more exciting... That work will never be complete.



9 Galen Street, Suite 300
Watertown, MA 02472


(617) 206-3172