Daniel Joseph Casey


About Me


About Me


I have a lot to be thankful for in this life. Amongst having the most incredible wife that I get to go on life's adventures with, an amazing and healthy family and group of friends, and the best little puppy in the world... I get to go to work everyday and do something I'm passionate about.

I’m an innovative UX and design leader with over ten years of professional experience solving complex business problems, researching and understanding customers, and using design to bridge the gap between people and the latest advances in technology and data availability. I’m a creative thinker, mentor, and human-centered design advocate - always working to more effectively position design within the organization.

I’ve led UX and design teams for high profile clients like Fidelity, Apple, Microsoft, TD Ameritrade, Honeywell, CVS, and Becton Dickinson - as well as helped startups get off the ground with their ideas for disruption. I’m devoted to constantly learning and helping my clients put their best foot forward with their customers, through lean and agile design methodologies.

Ever since I was a kid... I have been fascinated by every aspect of design. The seamlessness of a good product or digital experience, the beauty of consistency in brand voice and visual communication, and the satisfaction in addressing something that people truly need... We've come such a long way from the age of the "agency knows best" model, and I absolutely love it.